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10 Tips to Maintain Your 3D Printer

3D printing is a new technology which is still in the process of development. In the coming years, there will be a lot of developments which will be made in the field of 3D
printing. So, if you are among those who are willing to buy a 3D printer and get a hands-on this amazing technology then this post will be your interest. Buying a 3D printer would mean that you would have to spend a hefty amount. A 3D printer demands maintenance from its users in order to avoid the regular repairs. Below I am going to showcase 10 handy tips that will enable you to maintain your 3D printer.

1. Lubricate Your 3D Printer

As a 3D printer is made up of numerous metal moving parts it can lead to stoppages. To avoid such a situation, you are required to lubricate the 3D printer. For lubricating the printer, you can make use of sewing oil as it works pretty well. All you need to do is just
put a drop or two on the rails and rods of the printer. Apart from sewing oil, you can also utilize other lubricants. However, you need to ensure that these are safe to use with plastic. Just keep in mind that do not use too much of lubricating oil as it would gum up that would attract dust and grime.

2. The Build Plate Should Be Kept Clean

While taking prints from a 3D printer you will be applying glue to the build plate in order to avoid wrapping up of the prints. Due to the glue, there is a possibility that some foreign particles or molten plastic might get stuck to the build plate. Therefore, it is
advised that you clean the build plate after taking a print. If the plate is not cleaned it would result in improper prints. The build plate can be cleaned by making use of a clean cloth and by dipping the plate in warm water.

3. Keep the Extruder Clean

The filament goes through the rollers for extrusion in cold end of the Extruder. At the time of extrusion or plastic deformation, there are some particles which will wear off from the material on the rollers. These materials will get stuck to it. This will change the geometry of the rollers that will make the extrusions improper. For cleaning the rollers you can make use of a toothbrush which will ensure that the extruder functions smoothly and generates quality printouts.

4. Tighten Up the Pulley Screws

In a 3D printer, the pulleys are installed on the X and Y axes. As these axes have a continuous motion it will result in vibrations that will loosen up the pulley screws. This will result in a misaligned system that will hamper the quality. Therefore, it is recommended that you tighten the pulley screws with the help of Allen keys.

5. The Filament Nozzle Should be Kept Clean

By cleaning the filament nozzle of your printer, you will ensure that the print quality of the printer is not hampered. This is because as even the smallest of clogs will make the pages less structurally sound and deteriorate the whole design. The best way to judge a clogged nozzle is to see whether there is a bit of curve while the filament comes down from the nozzle.

6. Update the 3D Printer Firmware

One of the easiest ways to maintain your 3D printer is to keep its firmware updated all the time. A 3D printer is not different than a home computer which also needs to be updated in order to function properly. If everything else related to the hardware of the printer is functioning properly then updating its software will be the way to go.

7. Replace the Build-Surface Area

There is a possibility that the build-surface area of the printer might get scratched up which will have an impact on the visual appearance of the 3D creations. All you need to do is peel off the old tape and replace it with a new one. This is one of the easiest ways in which you can maintain your 3D printer.

8. Replace the Filters

The filters of the 3D printer will get backed up at some point in time. A reason for this might be due to the filament spill that might have taken place during one of the projects or because of moisture build up. The ventilation which is required for cooling the machine won’t be sufficient. You need to ensure that the filters are working in the best condition as it would ensure that you go about the printing job.

9. Swap the Broken or Old Parts

There are many parts which your 3D printer has been made of. Every part has its own life expectancy which means that these have to be replaced from time to time. The printing nozzle is one such part of the printer which needs to be changed if you are working on projects that utilize the new filament materials which will wear them down after some time.

10. Keep the Printer Clean

By keeping the different components of your 3D printer clean you are going to keep it functioning and increase its longevity. There might be a situation where a few of the pieces might shift and get stuck in other areas. This might have a negative impact on the functioning of the printer. This can be avoided by keeping all the parts of the printer clean.

In The End

All the tips which have been showcased above will enable you to take care of your printer in the best possible manner. This will allow you to create new projects without any malfunctioning and keep the 3D printer in top shape and condition.

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