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3-Sweep: Software Creates 3D Model from Photo

A fascinating software that creates three-dimensional models from photos will be introduced at the Siggraph Asia 2013 in November.

3-Sweep combines the cognitive abilities of humans with automatic algorithms to calculate editable 3D models from single photographs. It requires the user to manually trace the object’s outlines before the computer takes care of the rest. Following video shows the fascinating results and possibilities:

Extracted 3D models can be taken out from background, moved, rotated and changed in size.

This software was developed and published in a paper by the scientists Tao Chen, Zhe Zhu, Ariel Shamir, Shi-Min Hu and Daniel Cohen-Or of Tel-Aviv University in Israel and Tsinghua University in Peking. The release date and price of the software is currently unknown. However a powerful software like this could fundamentally impact 3D modelling as well as positively affect 3D printing.

(c) Picture & Link: facultiy.idc.ac.il