Home Service Provider Rinkak Launches Beta Edition of 3D Printing MMS Quotation with Web API

Rinkak Launches Beta Edition of 3D Printing MMS Quotation with Web API

Kabuku takes a major step forward in its vision to help drive the adoption, delivery, and management of 3D printing for 3D printing bureaus worldwide, with a new beta suite that automatically generates quotations for 3D printing and extends the value of Rinkak 3D Printing MMS.

Rinkak 3D Printing MMS is a cloud production management service that combines all of the key features from production planning, sales relationship management, production control, accounting to logistics for 3D printing business- all in once place.


The beta edition of Rinkak 3D Printing MMS Quotation is available for free; once 3D data has been uploaded, an automated quotation in PDF format can be generated immediately upon pre-defined pricing scheme of 3D printers, materials, support materials, and finishing services. In addition, conditional setting such as minimum volume setting of certain support material is available; that will bring flexibility for business operations and production efficiency to 3D printing bureaus. Kabuku aims at making complicated manual quotation estimation process for 3D printing bureaus easier; a web API of the suite will be released soon for developers within 3D printing bureaus to tailor applications to seamlessly integrate with their existing applications.