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Lithoz Solves Problems Through Customized Material Development

The reasons behind wanting material that has been specially adapted to fit your needs are as manifold as the possible uses of the LCM technology!

They range from a demand of ceramic material for prototype production for tests all the way to complex challenges, which require the production of materials with specific properties. Companies have often adjusted their processes to fit certain powder qualities, which subsequently requires the use of their own material.

Material Tailored to Fit your Needs
We at Lithoz strive to understand our customers’ diverse requirements and to create customized solutions together, which ensure that any complex challenges can be overcome. That’s why, next to selling our standard materials (TCP, Al2O3, ZrO2), Lithoz also offers to develop customized ceramic materials.

Material Development through the Adaptation of Technology
The CeraFab-system offers Lithoz’ costumers an open system, with which a variety of ceramic materials can be processed. This makes it possible to utilize a costumer’s individual powder without adopting it – for, compared to other procedures, Lithoz pursues the approach of adapting its technology to the costumer’s powder and not vice versa!

To generate customized materials, the necessary adaptations to the process and the organic binder component are made on the basis of a feasibility study. This enables the production of high quality products.

Cautious handling of sensitive information and strict adherence to confidentiality is a matter of great importance to Lithoz.

A Wide Spectrum of Materials and Professional Expertise
Many years of experience in research and development have resulted in great expertise in the area of glass ceramics and oxides. Furthermore, the process is also suitable for manufacturing highly viscous photopolymers.

Generally speaking, the LCM technology is suited to process all powderlike and sinterable powders. This has led to processing a wide spectrum of costumer-specific materials with the LCM approach over the last years. What has to be considered, however, is that certain powders can come with restrictions. Our in-house experts will gladly give you a consult on these matters.

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