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SLM Solutions Exceeds Revenue Target For 2015

In a press release German manufacturer SLM Solutions announced that it exceeds the revenue target for 2015.

In the fiscal year 2015 SLM Solutions Group AG sold 102 additive manufacturing systems, compared to 62 systems last year.

18 of the 102 systems were SLM 500HL, the largest machine from SLM Solutions. 62 SLM 280HL systems and 22 SLM 125HL systems could also be sold in 2015. One machine was modified to fit the special needs of one customer in the oil business. This machine had an extended build volume of 280x500x800mm.

The forcasted revenue of €55 million to €60 million had also been exceeded.

Here is the complete release:

Luebeck, Germany, January 6, 2016 – SLM Solutions Group AG, a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology (“3D printing”), has exceeded the revenue target it set for itself in the 2015 fiscal year elapsed. A strong new order intake of overall 102 machines underlines the growth dynamic of SLM Solutions. The company’s growth derived particularly from the Southeast Asia and North America regions.

SLM Solutions CFO Uwe Bögershausen expressed his satisfaction with the results: “The business development was excellent in the year 2015. We will even have exceeded our announced EUR 55 million to EUR 60 million of consolidated revenue. We also managed to pull off a precision landing with 102 new machines ordered which underlines our further growth and serves as a good planning basis for 2016.” During the course of 2015, the management held out the prospect of new order intake of at least 100 machines.

Dr. Markus Rechlin, CEO of SLM Solutions, looks back over the past twelve months: “We continued our growth as a result of our focus on industrial applications, thereby achieving our announced targets, or even exceeding them slightly. We are positioning ourselves on an increasingly broad basis internationally, and we are continuing to develop our machines further. This will enable us to continue to occupy a leading position within a growth market in the future.”

The new order intake of 102 machines (previous year: 62 machines) comprises 18 editions of the SLM 500HL flagship product (previous year: 11). In addition, 62 machines of the SLM 280HL type were ordered (previous year: 43), and 22 of the SLM 125HLtype (previous year: 8). Of the total of 102 machines, 4 editions were made available as rental machines with purchase options when their contracts end. One of the laser melting systems sold comprises a custom design with a significantly expanded build chamber of 280 x 500 x 800 mm for a leading company of the oil and gas sector.

“In our view, the fact that even sectors that currently face a challenging market environment – such as the energy sector – are continuing to invest in our technology represents a strong sign of confidence and trust. We identify major interest among our customers in further developing machines together with us, thereby playing a role in shaping the future,” Rechlin went on to note. “When you take a look at our customer base, you can see that we are broadly positioned: we cover several growth regions and a large number of sectors. We recently entered into a strategic partnership with the JUREC engineering office in order to be able to provide even better advice to our customers in complex component construction.”

The most important customer sectors in 2015 included aerospace (among the customers are the two leading aircraft manufacturer in Europe and USA, and Sintavia), automotive construction and automotive suppliers (Audi/VW, Toyota Central R&D Labs, FIT Fruth), the energy sector (Siemens P&W), medical technology (SLS France) and others (CTC, Linear Mold).

Detailed results for the 2015 fiscal year will be published together with the 2015 annual report on March 29, 2016.

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