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Stratasys Announces 3D Printing Education Modules for U.S. Schools

Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq:SSYS), the 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company, is taking another step to support teaching and project-based learning with the development of seven new education modules for middle and high schools.

Each module gives educators everything they need to take students through a full product development life cycle, from concept sketch to CAD design and finally 3D print. The comprehensive plan with overall objective, project resources, design criteria and process makes it easy integrate into the classroom. Modules are unique; each one focuses on a specific learning outcome with durations ranging from days to weeks and difficulty levels from beginner, through advanced level to support student goals. With an emphasis on design to 3D print, the modules were developed to be CAD agnostic so they are not limited in the classroom. Also included for educators will be a complete designer toolkit offering industry standards and best practices for design for 3D printing, which can be used either with their current curriculum or the Stratasys modules, as educators see fit.

“We saw an educator need and took responsibility to bring active learning projects around design for 3D printing to our customers,” says Stratasys’ North America Education Manager Jesse Rotenberg. “The launching of Stratasys post-secondary curriculum modules is the first step in providing support to educators and students who are integrating 3D printing in the classroom. The toolkit and modules are a guide for instructors to follow, allowing for flexibility to modify for their students, which was important in creating a successful program that will integrate with the various STEAM programs taught in the schools.”

Michael Santolupo from John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, educator and Stratasys customer, says:

“These modules are a great guide for instructors, helping them to integrate 3D printing into their teaching strategy, and they’re also vital to the students, helping empower them to revolutionize their understanding of the design and making process and maximize their potential at such an early stage,”

Santolupo, worked closely with Stratasys to develop the new modules aimed to ensure successful classroom implementation.

Mike Hill, Seventh grade teacher at Big Lake Middle School in Minnesota, says:

“For the students, it’s exciting to see a sketch become a 3D part they can touch and feel by the end of the lesson. It’s a project they can truly have fun doing while also being closely relevant to the overall class objectives,”

Hill has integrated a Stratasys Mojo 3D printer into the classroom to take advantage of these modules and the impact they have on teaching and learning.

Stratasys will release to customers seven modules between now and the end of the school year. For a limited time Stratasys is allowing a sneak peek into one of the beginner level projects, Ear Bud Holders. This project duration is one week.

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