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PolyMaker PC-Plus Filament Strong Enough to Lift 240 kg

Australian reseller 3D Printing Solutions has extensively tested the PC-Plus filament by Chinese manufacturer PolyMaker.

The polycarbonate-based material was used to 3D print a car jack on the UP Box. Once the parts printed at 0.10 mm resolution using finest infill setting were assembled, the team managed to lift two concrete blocks, each weighing 120 kg, at the same time.

“We decided produce the entire Jack using 3D printed materials as we did not want the results influenced by materials like steel”, the team explains. “All of the jack components were printed with PC-Plus Poly Carbonate with the exception of the white non slip cap which was produced from PolyFlex.”
“The test result was fantastic with the Jack lifting 240kg (almost a quarter tonne). Further more the Jack showed no signs of strain or stress after the lift.”

Check out the stunning stress test in the following video:

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