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Use Deltabots’ Pulse Driver to Turn Your Music Into 3D Printed Ceramics

Only recently, we have reported on Dutch designer Oliver van Herpt, who used sound waves to 3D print unique ceramic objects for his Project called Solid Vibrations. 3D printer developer Deltabots has now released the Pulse Driver.

It can simply be mounted below the print bed and transfers the rhythm of music into the structure being 3D printed above, resulting in a ceramic object with a unique patterns. You can use any of your music, as long as it has enough bass. In addition you will need an amplifier capable of delivering enough power and bass to achieve the unique rhythmic designs as well as a frequency generator.


Deltabots explain that this technique requires stiff clay, as looser mixtures are just going to settle from the vibrations. They have used their Potterbot 3D printer for their projects, since its direct nozzle extruder allows for extruding some of the heaviest clay possible. Check out the video below or head to their website for more information on the Pulse Driver.

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