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3D Design Marketplace Kwambio Re-Launches

Kwambio is a 3D printing marketplace that has officially launched mid-2015. The platform is designed to be a creative community, where users can customise and personalise objects created by designers, using an intuitive web interface with sliders. The startup also had plans to launch their own 3D printer, called Unique One.

With its current re-launch, Kwambio has moved away from standard aesthetics and offers designer products including jewellery and homewares 3D printed in high-quality ceramics and metals. Users can still customise their product and choose between a range of materials.

kwambio_3d_marketplaceKwambio also announced Chad Philips as their Creative Director. Philips joins the company from the online design platform Fab.com, where he served as Creative Director as well.

“We want to change the paradigm of 3D printing,” Phillips said. “A lot of people aren’t intrigued by 3D printing because it’s the same math equations spit out of a plastic machine. We are pushing the envelope on what people think of when they think of the technology – and what can be made on-demand in the world.”

Kwambio’s debut offering includes creations by Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Jim Drain, Katie Stout, byAMT and Andrew Sack. Pieces by the likes of Kahn, Farrah Sit, Material Lust and Dusen Dusen are set to follow.

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