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3D Hubs Trend Report January 2016 – New Category: Popular 3D Printing Materials

3D Hubs is kicking off the new year with an additional category being featured in their monthly Trend Report. As of January 2016, the average order value for common 3D printing materials will be listed.

Plastics make up the least expensive orders with an average order size of $ 34.3 for ABS and $ 31.4 for PLA, followed by resin with an average value of $ 50.7 per order. Along with the increased price and material cost for 3D prints from industrial machines, order values are significantly higher as well. “Selective Laser Sintered (SLS) Nylon orders are on average just above $80. PolyJet high detail prototyping materials are next, with an average value of $93.4 per order. Concluding our list is Full Color Sandtone, with an average order value of just below $100.”


January’s winner amongst the highest rated desktop 3D printers has climbed up from number 9 in last month’s report. The PowerSpec 3D Pro scores a 4.79 star rating based on 151 reviews from the 3D Hubs community. The Prusa Steel ranked second this month, followed by the Afinia H480, the CEL Robox and the Form 1 as best rated desktop SLA device.

The list of industrial printers is led by the Objet Eden260, followed by the ProJet 460Plus and the Projet 3500 HDMax.

Check out the complete lists below (click to enlarge):


Among the trending printers, the new Form 2 has climbed to the top with a MoM growth of 133.3%. “We expect it to remain on this list for a while if it manages to live up to its predecessors”, 3D Hubs states. Being on the list for a quite a few months, the Lulzbot Taz 5 has slowly made its way up to the top, ranking second in January, followed by the Duplicator I3, the UP Box and the Duplicator 4S.


Click here to view the full report for January 2016.

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