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3D Print Directly Onto Textiles Using Your Cube & the New Fabricate App

Using the new Fabricate App just launched for 3D Systems’ Cube, you can now 3D print accessories directly onto fabric, creating your own, unique clothing.

There are various designs in the form of .textile files to choose from, which can be 3D printed on special fabric and then sewn onto clothing. On their Cubify website, 3D Systems plans to release a new set of designs and projects each month.

After downloading your favourite design, a footprint layer must be printed onto the build plate. The printer then stops in order for you to add mesh fabric before printing the top layers. Once the print is complete, the mesh fabric can be sewn onto clothing or accessories for a customised look.

Fabricate is a celebration of 3D technology and fashion fusion, a completely new way of accessorizing that is accessible to everyone,” said Annie Shaw Creative Director, 3DS. “3D Tech-Style printing lets fashion happen easily, enabling the creation of truly stunning attire. I can’t wait to see how people use this technology to push the boundaries of fashion.”

Fabricate packs and projects are available for purchase on Cubify. The Fabricate Starter Pack includes a Cube 3D printer with cartridges, textile squares and a set of six downloadable Fabricate .textile designs for $1,199, and Fabricate Design Packs include a cartridge, textile squares and six Fabricate .textile designs for $149.