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3D Print Sparkly Objekts with Dyed Alumide from i.materialise

To add some sparkle to the upcoming christmas season, 3D printing service provider i.materialise introduces 5 colours to their Alumide material: Asphalt Black, Brick Red, Rusty Orange, Sparkly Blue and Moss Green.

In order to obtain 3D printed objects in the sparkly colours, a dyeing process is applied to 3D prints made of Alumide, which is a mixture of aluminium and polyamide. Thereby the model is submerged into a bath containing colour pigment. Since the aluminium particles are randomly distributed, no part will look exactly like another.

i.materialise advices that wireframe models are less suitable for printing in Dyed Alumide due to their uneven surface texture. This could result in parts of the model being less sparkly compared to larger surfaces.

The maximum dimension of objects to be ordered in Dyed Alumide are 200 x 150 x 150 mm. Pricing starts at € 1 plus € 0.2 per cm3 on top of the price for the natural colour, however is limited to a maximum of € 3. The newly implemented dying process requires 2 extra working days.

If you are indecisive weather this might be the right material for your 3D prints, you can order a Sample-Kit for € 12 to get a realistic idea.

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