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3D printed Exoskeleton

The Australian designer with the nickname 3DPrintit has uploaded files onto Cults that allow the users to 3D print their own exoskeleton. There are tutorials and files for exoskeleton hands, feet and feet with legs up to the hip. But the exoskeleton has no real functions or medical usage they were created just for show.

The exoskeleton was inspired by Matt Damon’s exoskeleton from the movie Elysium but in the movie it had some real functions. The 3D printed exoskeleton is the result of a monstrous time of work and it looks really nice. The exoskeleton has no motors or other electrical elements it’s just moved with the body and that creates the illusion of an exoskeleton that moves the human body inside it.

If you want to 3D print the feet you need to buy the files for little more than 8 Euros. If you want to build the feet with the legs you have to busy the files for 20 Euros. But before you buy the files take a look at the tutorial that shows how to build the exoskeleton. For both parts you need a 3D printer with a large building are – the creator has used and UP Box with a building area of 255 x 205 x 205 mm. With a smaller building area you can create at least the hand, the hand is available for free on Cults.

All parts were published on Cults. Cults is a marketplace for 3D models. It was funded back in 2013 and it possible to sell and buy different 3D models on the website but it’s also possible to upload and download free 3D models.

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