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3D Printed Fashion Collection “Sporophyte” by Austrian Designer Julia Körner

Austrian architect and designer, Julia Körner, has partnered with Stratasys to use 3D printing technology for her first solo venture: The Sphorophyte Collection

The collection mimicking sea structures was 3D printed on the Objet500 Connex3 Multi-material 3D printer using PolyJet-based digital materials. Körner was inspired by natural structures found in fungi and kelp, which were 3D scanned to develop resembling garments.

It was very important that these intricate pieces maintained a flexible aesthetic,” said Koerner. “PolyJet digital materials enable designers to produce flexible pieces that behave more like a garment, allowing the material to work with the body as it moves about.”

The collection includes the Hymenium Jacket, Kelp Jacket, and Kelp Necklace, all 3D printed in TangoBlackPlus and VeroBlack rubber-like materials.

Körner added: “I think it’s extremely exciting to be a part of this group of designers who are investigating how fashion design can be developed with 3D printing. It’s my mission to take this a step further and produce customized, ready-to-wear fashion that is not only for museums, but also for the average woman to wear.”

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