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3D Printed Fashion Pieces Featured in #Techstyle Exhibition

While the 3D printed Petal Dress by Nervous Systems will be featured in the #techstyle exhibition at the Museum of fine Arts in Boston, Stratasys has now also announced that 3D printed fashion pieces created in collaboration with well-known designers will be showcased there.

Exploring the synergy between fashion and technology, the exhibition includes “Anthozoa”, a 3D printed cape and skirt designed by Prof. Neri Oxman and Iris van Herpen; “Harmonograph” 3D printed dress designed by threeASFOUR and Travis Fitch; as well as 3D printed “Molecule” shoes designed by Francis Bitonti.

According to Michelle Finamore, Penny Vinik Curator of Fashion Arts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Stratasys 3D printed pieces demonstrate designs where the attributes of the technology have been central to creating complex geometries, not possible using traditional methods:

“I think one of the most amazing aspects of 3D printing is that it enables the fashion designer to move beyond conventional sketching and draping methods and allows them to imagine and conceive a garment in three dimensions. Many of the designers represented in #techstyle have harnessed Stratasys’ unique multi-material 3D printing technology, and the process is integral to the actual creation of the pieces. Francis Bitonti’s shoes, for example, seek to mimic organic cellular processes which cannot be controlled, yet he was able to “grow” the shoes in a way that’s simply not possible with other forms of production.”



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