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3D-printed jewelry market to grow to just under $1 billion by 2031

ResearchAndMarkets have in the report “3D Printing Jewelry Markets 2023: Market Study and Forecast,” analyzed the 3D printed jewelry market. The study shows that the 3D printed jewelry market will reach $989 million in 2031, up from $489 million this year, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% over the next decade.

The comprehensive market study indicates that the market for 3D printed jewelry will reach $989M in 2031 compared with $489M this year, with a 10 year CAGR of 10% from 2021 to 2031.

Despite well over a decade of additive adoption, the jewelry industry’s 3D printing landscape has been relatively concentrated on a small number of specialist providers. However, in recent years, several factors have reinvigorated the market and opened up avenues for growth, innovation and competition.

The most intriguing development for the AM jewelry space is the direct production of precious metal jewelry, with multiple vendors of metal binder jetting systems signaling their intent to provide comparatively low-cost precious metal printing, which will turn the historical high-cost direct jewelry market upside down and set the stage for direct metal jewelry production to go mainstream.

This report focuses on the current and future state of the 3D printing luxury jewelry market, focusing on the major trends both on the consumer side as well as technology side that are likely to disrupt this market space in the coming years. The report explores in detail the technology landscape for both polymers and metals in the production of jewelry patterns, molds and directly printed jewelry, profiling the major and notable AM technology and materials vendors, their competitive position and their relevant offerings and systems.

This report also provides a comprehensive 10 year forecast of the AM jewelry market, forecasting AM hardware, materials, software, and services.

The analyst’s reports on the 3D printing industry have become adopted across the entire AM industry by companies looking for an off-the-shelf source of detailed market data and forecasts, with critical insights on leading market sectors and commentary on industry dynamics.

Key Highlights

  • The leading 3D printed jewelry applications in today’s market are the production of investment casting patterns.
  • Growth is forecast in part due to technology vendors adapting large format systems for these applications, allowing users to optimize for scale.
  • The emergence of direct precious metal printing of jewelry through metal binder jetting systems is anticipated.
  • The explosion of high-resolution, low-cost VAT based printers is set to disrupt the marketspace, greatly reducing the cost-barrier to entry.

Find out more about ResearchAndMarkets at researchandmarkets.com.

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