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3D-printed jewelry with material from Evonik

Style and innovation meet in the world of 3D-printed jewelry, as BOLTENSTERN underscores with its jewelry made from Evonik polyamide 12 (PA12). Marie Boltenstern, CEO of the Viennese jewelry brand, combines architecture and design in intricate, geometrically shaped jewelry created using 3D printing.

Marie, an architect by training, brings her passion for three-dimensional forms to wearable creations made of materials such as 18-karat gold, embellished with diamonds and other gemstones. Her entry-level brand FABNORA, made primarily of PA12 from Evonik, is particularly unique.

“In 2015, when I took over the company, my aim was to 3D print 18k gold,” says Marie.

To breathe life into complex, moving structures, she began writing code and creating her own jewelry designs. While working with PA12 for her prototypes, she realized the potential of the material, which became the basis for FABNORA.

“With code, it’s possible to create an infinite number of beautiful, elegant shapes,” says Marie, “but of course, in a computer everything can look OK. I needed to bring my complex, moveable structures to life.”

PA12 from Evonik is a high-performance thermoplastic specially developed for additive manufacturing processes. It offers excellent properties, such as high flexibility and an easily colorable surface.

“Evonik’s PA12 is actually a great asset for jewelry — especially earrings — because the resulting product is super light. The material is also very strong, yet to the touch, it feels like fabric. It adapts wonderfully to the body like a second skin,” says Marie.

FABNORA offers a variety of colors developed by DyeMansion, a company based in Germany.

“We offer FABNORA in a rainbow of 20 colors that are renewed every summer and winter,” says Marie.

Evonik is embracing circularity in 3D printing by targeting its PA12 powders for improved overall eco-balance. At the same time, BOLTENSTERN plans to enter other markets within the EU.

“One of the inspirations for my designs is to embody the connection between the digital and the physical world,” says Marie.

For more information about BOLTENSTERN, please visit boltenstern.com.

Find out more about Evonik at corporate.evonik.com.

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