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3D-Printed Membranes to Revolutionise Water Filtration?

The Singapore based start-up Nano Sun, a spin-off from Nanyang Technological University, introduces a multi-functional water filtration membrane that has the potential to revolutionise water treatment processes.

Developed by Associate Professor Darren Sun and patented in 2008, the new kind of membrane is being 3D printed from titanium dioxide. Compared to conventional membranes made of plastic, ceramic or stainless steel it lasts twice as long, is highly resistant to breakage, heat and cold and has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fouling properties, being able to clean itself.

 “With more of the world’s population moving into urban cities and generating more wastewater, there is a real need for cost-effective technology,” said Associate Professor Sun. “Traditional polymer-based water filtration membranes are faced with issues such as fouling and high breakage, while the developing countries with high industrial output are generating wastewater which is increasingly harder to treat.”

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