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3D printed prostheses for the mutilated Syrians

A laboratory donated by WASP will be donated at the University of Damascus

A laboratory for 3D printing artificial limbs destined to war mutilated will be donated and implanted in Syria. It is the project born from combination of 2 minds, the one of Jean Bassmaji, a Syrian doctor living in Reggio Emilia for many years, and the Massimo Moretti’ one, founder and CEO of WASP, a company in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna), leader in 3D printing. A series of tools required to complete the workflow in the manufacture of an orthopedic aid was announced at the WASP headquarters, on the occasion of an Open Day during which the Digital Orthopedic Workshop was presented.

The laboratory will be donated by WASP and installed in Damascus at the Faculty of Medical Bioengineering of the Syrian University, which approved the project last December. “In the case of Syria – Moretti explains – we will begin by supplying two 3D printers able to rebuild arms, fingers and legs”.

ARCHE 3D Mantova, a design- printing and 3D modeling start up, is actively involved in the initiative. The association AMAR Costruire Solidarietà, led by Jean Bassmaji, is raising funds and is dealing with the delicate organizational issues involved in transporting machines to Syria. Meanwhile, Professor Firas Al Hinnawi, a professor at the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the University of Damascus, completed a technical training course at the WASP headquarters. Once back in Damascus, he will be responsible for transmitting the knowledge he has learned to the graduates of the Engineering course. When the laboratory is set up, the artificial arts will be printed and distributed free of charge, without distinction of sex, age, religion or ethnicity to those who need it.

“With the University of Damascus, WASP and AMAR – Firas Al Hinnawi explained – we are working on three areas. We’ll start from the artificial fingers on which we have already done a lot of work. Then we will pass to the hands and the forearm. Finally we will focus on the lower limbs “.

The Digital Orthopedic Workshop was born from the intensive research carried out by the WASPmed group, a network of experts interested in the mutual exchange of skills and in the developement of digital manufacturing tools according to the specific needs of the real user and providing assistance to any who needs to get a successful work. “Our goal – added the CEO of WASP – is to develop processes, machines and materials to make a high quality service even in the developing-world-areas. In Syria we will put into practice the connection between the medical knowledge of experts from our territory and the needs of a country devastated by the war”.

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