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3D printed steering wheel for F1 sim

There are lots of simulation fans that want their simulated planes, cars, trains or any other vehicle as real is possible. Because that there is a small market for steering wheels and other parts but these parts tend to be very expensive and often they can’t come up with the needs of the users. Because of that a user has decided to build his own F1 steering wheel that matches all of his needs.

Numerous knobs, buttons, LEDs and displays shape the 3D printed wheel – like the creator wanted, it looks very similar to an F1 Ferrari steering wheel. The hull for all the electronics was 3D printed with a Zortrax 3D printer and consists out of Z-Hips. This material was used because it’s very durable and warping-resistant. It also creates and nice matte finish. Some of our readers may thing about building their own parts to get a better simulation feeling. With some knowledge at electronics, 3D modelling and 3D printing every simulation enthusiastic can build a gadget like this.

The finished steering wheel - ready to drive
The finished steering wheel – ready to drive

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