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3D Printed Titanium Pen: Lattice Cubed from SALVO

On January 16th, 2017 SALVO is launching a truly innovative 3D printed Titanium Pen on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Called Lattice Cubed, the pen reinvents the classic writing instrument for the modern generation. Made possible through 3D printing, it features a lattice design created out of Titanium. The Super Earlybird specials on Kickstarter start at 200€. You can find the Kickstarter campaign here.

Lattice Cubed Detail

While there are many high end pens on the market today, SALVO realized that most designs were based on technology and manufacturing methods over 100 years old. The company decided to utilize the advances of 3D printing to bring something new to the market. The result is Lattice Cubed: combining advanced design and technology in a way never done before.

The body of Lattice Cubed is made of only two pieces – both of them featuring the recognizable Lattice structure. The two Titanium pieces are joined by custom machined parts and finished with a gold or rhodium plated ring. By combining Titanium and the lattice structure, the pen exhibits high strength while maintaining low weight.

Lattice Cubed Gold Plated Ring
Gold Plated Ring

Lattice Cubed is available as a pen or mechanical pencil.  Both are operated by a twist mechanism. The pen features the industry standard G2 cartridge. Through the robust materials and the easy exchange of cartridges the pen was designed to last a lifetime.

SALVO Owner and Designer Ryan Salveson explains: “In order to print the body of Lattice Cubed, 30 micron thin layers of Ti64 Aerospace Grade Titanium powder are melted into shape.  It takes over 4500 layers to create Lattice Cubed. These fine layers are critical in creating the complex structure.” Taking a close look at the pens surface, the layers can be identified, giving the pen a truly unique feel and finish.


  • Length: 135.1 mm
  • Diameter: 13 mm
  • Weight: Pen: 25 g / Pencil: 26 g

Visit SALVO’s Kickstarter page to pre-order Lattice Cubed and learn more about this new product.

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