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3D Printer Manufacturer Aleph Objects Supports Odoo Community Association

Colorado-based manufacturer of LulzBot desktop 3D printers, Aleph Objects, has partnered with the Oddo Community Association (OCA).

Odoo is a Free Software Enterprise Resource Planning platform, that features modules for e-commerce, CRM, inventory, purchaasing, HR and more. Aleph Objects runs its entire 100-employee company on software that is compatible with the Free Software Foundation’s guidelines, including Debian and LibreOffice.

Today, individuals, organizations, and companies can do more than ever with Free Software,” Aleph Objects, Inc. President and CEO Jeff Moe said. “Aleph Objects supports the Odoo Community Association (OCA) because their efforts are vital to the continued advancement of Free ERP software that respects user freedom and enables companies to avoid costly, obsolete vendor lock-in.”

oca“Sponsors from the industry, such as Aleph Objects, definitely help the OCA focus on real business needs,” OCA President Joël Grand-Guillaume said. “They also allow us to strengthen our vision of a real collaborative and Open Source ecosystem around a business application like Odoo.”

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