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3D printer manufacturer Formlabs opens up to third-party materials

The US company Formlabs has introduced new materials and functions for its 3D printers. With the resins Silicone 40A and Alumina 4N, it should now also be possible to print soft parts and technical ceramics cost-effectively.

In addition, Formlabs is opening its platform to third-party materials and custom print settings. According to company CEO Max Lobovsky, this significantly expands the versatility and capabilities of Formlabs’ 3D printing ecosystem.

With Silicone 40A, objects made entirely of silicone can be printed for the first time. Previously, silicone was only possible as an additive in resin mixtures. According to Formlabs, the new material is suitable for printing products such as seals or medical articles.

Alumina 4N makes it possible to produce ceramic parts for extreme environments such as in industry or the military. Formlabs sees it as a cost-effective alternative to conventional manufacturing processes.

The company also plans to open its platform to third-party materials. Certified resins from other manufacturers should soon be able to be integrated. With a special license, printing with the company’s own material mixtures will also be possible.

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