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3D printer manufacturer Prusa publishes second sustainability report

The Czech 3D printer manufacturer Prusa has published its second sustainability report. The report provides insights into the company’s progress and initiatives in the area of social and environmental responsibility.

Prusa focuses on the entire value chain. From the procurement of materials and components to the longevity of the printers and the disposal of 3D printing waste. The report also covers the development of more sustainable 3D printing materials and the use of additive manufacturing to solve current environmental and social problems.

A key topic is the reduction of energy consumption. Prusa has switched to LED lighting in its production facilities and utilises waste heat for heating. These measures have led to energy savings of 15% per square metre compared to the previous year.

In the area of materials research, the company has developed a recycled PLA filament. This consists of 60% recycled material and has similar properties to conventional PLA. Prusa plans to further increase the proportion of recycled material.
The report also emphasises the efforts to reduce packaging material. Through optimisations, Prusa was able to reduce packaging waste per printer by 8%. In addition, 99% of the packaging material produced was recycled.

Another focus is on the longevity of the products. Prusa offers free firmware updates and detailed repair instructions. The company encourages users to repair defective parts instead of replacing them and provides 3D models for this purpose.

The full report is available for download on the Prusa website.

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