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What 3D printing shops are looking for?

The world of 3D printing continuously grows and businesses that provide 3D printing services need new specific tools like selection and providing of necessary materials, creation of unique 3D models, price counting, delivery, and much more.

Once the chess legend Garry Kasparov said, “The main thing is not how many steps forward you think, but how well you analyze the current situation.” . These words are also relevant for the rapidly developing 3D printing industry.

The fact is 3D printing is not yet an everyday routine for many people. On this occasion, 3Design first entered the New Zealand 3D printing market, noted a lack of service for those who wanted to try out it but did not want to pay for an expensive 3D printer or did not know how to use one.

Today, their new 3D printing farm, powered by 3DPrinterOS 3rd generation API, allows users to create the models they want in a timesaving and cost-effective way without having to have any 3D printing knowledge or experience, just access to the internet.

In this case, over the last year a few companies like OnShape, MyStemKits, Pinshape, FormTap, PlanetReplicas, ZdravPrint, and iMcustom did a test pilot of previous API versions. We have identified a very smooth user experience flow for one-click-print. Now it has several smart fault identifications and troubleshooting mechanisms built in.”, says Anton Vedeshin, 3DPrinterOS CTO.



In general, the printing process via 3DPrinterOS API starts with connecting the printer, selecting the printer type, positioning of the object on the build tray and scaling, selecting best slicing profile and payment. Ending with 3D printing and tracking the progress status.

The main thing is all these manipulations take place in a single window on the 3D printing service page. There is no forwarding to external services.


Education platform MyStemKits provides a large library of 3D printing projects for STEAM teachers. Users can print any 3D kit directly from the site on more than 50 types of supported by 3DPrinterOS 3D printers. Businesses like MyStemKit has a goal to take a difficult subject and make it simply. In support of this philosophy, third generation API provides the opportunity to select a one-click-print mode and immediately all the settings will be produced automatically by internal algorithms.

What is under the hood

Science today you hardly surprise anyone with a cross-platform, multi-language support or working code examples, 3DPrinterOS application programming interface has some specific features that include:

  • the 3D printer cloud virtual driver;
  • payment plugins collection;
  • smart 3D printer detection;
  • pay per print, one click print and print business model subscription support.

As the 3D printing process becomes much more understandable and easy to use for a non-professional end user, 3DPrinterOS CEO, John Dogru notes, “Decades ago, world was moving from physical and analog to digital – creating CAD designs, engineering products using computers, today we move from Digital to physical. Just imagine…”

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