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3D printing specialist A3D Manufacturing opens new headquarters in Arizona

The US on-demand manufacturing service provider A3D Manufacturing has opened a new headquarters in Phoenix.

For five years, A3D Manufacturing has been providing manufacturing services to companies of various sizes, from the design and analysis phase to prototyping and high-volume production. In that time, the company has produced over 200,000 parts for nearly 2,300 customers. The investment in the new headquarters is a response to the growing demand for fast and reliable additive manufacturing and post-processing solutions. The new location encompasses 9,000 square feet of space, tripling the production capacity compared to the previous facility.

The opening ceremony and open house on May 30 attracted nearly 200 guests. Among those in attendance were Phoenix City Councilman Kevin Robinson, as well as Debbie Drotar and Jenifer Kocher from the Greater Phoenix Chamber. Executives from companies such as Hawk Ridge Systems, HP and Nikola Motor Company were also in attendance.

Jon Toews, Senior Vice President of A3D Manufacturing, explained during his speech at the opening ceremony that the opening of the new site in Phoenix will triple production capacity, enabling the company to offer high-quality solutions for every stage of the product lifecycle. This includes prototype development as well as full outsourced manufacturing as a service (MaaS), incorporating additive and traditional manufacturing methods.

The new headquarters in Phoenix optimally positions A3D Manufacturing to meet the growing demand for advanced manufacturing solutions. The modern facilities and expanded production capabilities will strengthen the company’s ability to provide innovative and customized solutions to the manufacturing industry, further expanding its market position.

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