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3D Printing specialist BLT Supported Satellite Development

On May 10, 2023, Tianzhou 6 launched to the Chinese Space Station on a Long March 7 carrier rocket. In addition to supplies, the cargo spacecraft also carried a satellite to the space station, which was developed using 3D printing technology from the company BLT.

Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) helped Dalian University of Technology develop the “Dalian 1- Lian li Satellite,” a 12U high-resolution cube satellite. BLT provided the design and 3D printing of the boom structure.

The BLT team redesigned the manifold structure to increase rigidity and reduce overall mass. The dimensional accuracy of the key parts fully met the operational requirements of the satellite and overcame space factors such as high and low temperatures and atomic oxygen corrosion.

In addition to the aerospace industry, BLT offers custom product solutions for energy, medical, dental, industrial molds and automotive.

Find out more about Bright Laser Technologies at xa-blt.com.

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