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3D printing specialist Eplus3D announces collaboration with Paradigm 3D

3D printing specialist Eplus3D is teaming up with Paradigm 3D. This collaboration brings together Eplus3D’s expertise in metal AM solutions with Paradigm 3D’s capabilities, resulting in significant advances in the manufacture of high-tech aerospace parts.

Mr. Balaj, the Engineering Manager of Paradigm 3D, said: “Our background was not initially in Metal printing, but we recognized a growing demand for high-technology spare parts, focusing on Metal Additive Manufacturing allows us to meet these requirements effectively.”

Die Wahl von Eplus3D als zuverlässigen Partner basierte auf wesentlichen Kriterien: einfache Inbetriebnahme, reibungsloser Betrieb und Kompatibilität mit einer breiten Palette von Materialien. Diese Faktoren führten zur Entscheidung für die EP-M300, eine beeindruckende mittelgroße Metall-3D-Drucker mit einer Druckgeschwindigkeit von bis zu 95 cm³/h. Diese Maschine unterstützt eine Vielzahl von Materialien, darunter Titan-, Aluminium- und Nickellegierungen, Maraging-Stahl, Edelstahl, Kobalt-Chrom und Kupferlegierungen.

”We consider the EP-M300 to be an excellent starting point for us, providing a solid foundation and in-house capability for our operations”, highlighted Mr. Balaj. This strategic investment not only meets current needs, but also positions Paradigm 3D to meet the changing demands of industries that require high technology spare parts. This underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in metal additive manufacturing.

One example of the increased efficiency is the production of a labyrinth cage for control valves in the oil and gas industry. This complex component used to take around six months to produce and was very costly. With the EP-M300, Paradigm 3D can now print this cage directly from the required material within a week. A major advantage is that the part is produced in one piece, which significantly reduces production time.

“Before we designed the labyrinth cage for control valves in oil and gas industry, it took around six months to produce, and it was very expensive. The design was so complex that the parts had to be made in small strips, which were then stacked and weld together to form the cage.” explained Mr. Balaj.

This increase in efficiency not only speeds up the production process, but also ensures the quality and reliability of spare parts, demonstrating Paradigm 3D’s commitment to developing its manufacturing capabilities and improving operational efficiency.

The collaboration with Eplus3D has significantly improved Paradigm 3D’s production efficiency and market penetration, with remarkable results. This partnership reinforces Paradigm 3D’s mission to make metal 3D printing technology competitive and provide innovative concepts and value-added solutions to industrialists in the UAE.

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