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3D printing specialist Materialise announces update to its Magics software

3D printing specialist Materialise will present the latest version of its flagship software Magics and new partnerships with Ansys, nTop and EOS at RAPID + TCT 2024.

At RAPID + TCT, Materialise will showcase the latest version of Magics, its leading data and build preparation software. Major updates to functionality and user experience enable customers to seamlessly integrate new parts and designs into additive manufacturing, increasing both efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The software features a new Lattice module that also supports lattice structures, allowing users to create complex designs with lighter data sets that are processed faster and more accurately. Another important update is the improved Nests module, which allows users to automatically place numerous parts on a build platform to print many parts at once and create customized protective packaging.

“As additive manufacturing evolves towards new applications and serial production, Materialise is dedicated to enhancing our offerings and forging collaborations that best serve the needs of our users and customers,” said Bryan Crutchfield, Vice President and General Manager, Materialise North America. “Our efforts aim to advance the industry by tackling challenges in quality and workflow efficiency.”

Additionally, the previously announced integration of Magics with Ansys’ leading simulation software for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) metal printing will be introduced. This end-to-end digital solution enables users to identify weak points in designs and supports before printing, improving print success rates, reducing waste and saving valuable time and materials.

“Materialise remains at the forefront of the 3D printing industry by actively addressing user needs and introducing innovative technology and features that solve their pain points. With this new version of Magics, we are empowering users with faster file preparation for complex designs and enabling more efficient printing of multiple parts in a single build,” said Egwin Bovyn, Magics Product Line Manager at Materialise.

Materialise and nTop have announced a groundbreaking collaboration to accelerate the design-to-manufacturing process and enable the production of complex parts that were previously unprintable. The integration of nTop Core’s Implicit Modeling API with Magics 3D Print Suite and Materialise’s NxG Build Processor enables seamless exchange of design files between design and manufacturing teams.

“Our optical tomography camera is state-of-the-art and a reliable sensor for monitoring the process stability,” said Bernd Biechele, Director of Software Development at EOS. “Thanks to these interfaces, the Materialise QPC system will be able to aggregate this data in combination with other images and sensor data to accelerate quality assurance in additive manufacturing significantly.”

Materialise continues its close collaboration with EOS to reduce inspection costs for metal 3D printed parts in the aerospace and medical industries. Materialise will integrate multiple EOS process data sources, including optical tomography (OT) and powder bed camera data, with the AI analysis and correlation tools of the Materialise Quality & Process Control (QPC) system. Materialise will be exhibiting at RAPID + TCT 2024 from June 25-27 at booth 2821.

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