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3D printing specialists HARTING and Cubicure announce collaboration

HARTING, a provider of 3D-MID solutions, and 3D printer manufacturer Cubicure announce a collaboration to introduce 3D printing of Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) materials.

HARTING and Cubicure announced their joint goal of integrating LDS technology into additive manufacturing back in 2019. After years of collaboration and successful development, the first material that enables 3D printing of LDS components is now available. HARTING has already started the commercial use of the Hot Lithography process.

Traditional printing methods such as FFF/FDM offered cost-effective solutions, but can suffer from poor surface quality. Alternatives such as SLA/DLP/SLS required additional manual coating and do not allow precise control of layer thicknesses. HARTING’s new solution relies on Cubicure’s Hot Lithography System. This technology enables direct 3D printing of LDS materials with high resolution and smooth surfaces.

The printed material can be seamlessly integrated into the existing LDS process at HARTING, resulting in significant time savings in the production of prototypes and small series.

The combination of outstanding print quality, material compatibility and the ability to visualize complex geometries quickly and flexibly represents a significant advance for the industry. This collaboration underlines how technological innovation and collaborative development can set new standards in manufacturing.

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