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3D Printing in Supercar Parts Prototyping


OMNI3D, Arrinera Technology and OE Industry have joined forces to create a fully functional car lamp prototype. The project was carried out in FFF technology, and a 3D scanner test confirmed its high dimensional precision.

OMNI3D is the manufacturer of the Factory 2.0 Production System industrial 3D printer. It was this printer that printed the parts for the front lamp of the Polish supercar Arrinera.

The choice of FFF technology was justified by the ability to create complex geometries in a relatively short time. 3D printing also guarantees high accuracy at a relatively low cost of material and very low waste. The print was made using ABS-42, which is characterised by its durability, easy post-production and a wide range of prototype finishes. The cost of the material used for this printout was EUR 65.

The composite lamp model is 440 x 370 x 200 mm and the printing time of the object’s 6 elements was 65 hours. The prototype is equipped with lamps from OE Industry, a supplier of engineering solutions for lighting systems. The model has a main 90 mm lens and three-way daytime running lights as well as parking lights. The Bi-LED technology used in this project allows dipped headlights and high beam lights to be achieved with LED.

Visually, the object is no different from the module that will be produced in the future. Final tests were performed on a MICRON 3D scanner using green light, three times more accurate than the commonly used white light. The measurement result was 30% better than the assumed accuracy.

The prototype with pre-assembled electronics and components before post-production will be available in November at the OMNI3D booth at FORMNEXT (hall 3.1, stand C29) in Frankfurt and EUROTOOL (Wisla Hall, booth W27) in Krakow.

Discover 3D printing technologies:

  • FORMNEXT, 14-17 November – hall 3.1, booth C29
  • EUROTOOL, 28-30 November – the Wisla Hall, stand W27


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OMNI3D is a Polish manufacturer of industrial 3D printers in the FFF technology (fused filament fabrication). The company was founded in 2013 in Poznan. OMNI3D offers consulting services for implementing 3D printing technology in industry, as well as maintenance, training and 3D printing on demand. Customers include companies whose goal is to optimise time and costs. The company has won numerous awards for young Polish companies and participates in the Polish Champion program, designed for companies operating in foreign markets.