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3D printing without CAD knowledge – tool overview

The 3D printing industry has experienced a tremendous surge in recent years. Not only in industrial applications but also home 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular. However, implementing one’s ideas often fails due to a lack of CAD knowledge. There are, however, exciting tools that provide solutions and allow even beginners to create printable 3D models.

A popular approach is using lithophane generators like “Lithophane Maker“. This tool converts 2D images into printable 3D reliefs. The resulting models are particularly suitable for personalized night lights or decorative elements.

For creating custom cookie cutters, the software “Cookiecad” is recommended. It enables the conversion of outline drawings into functional 3D models. It is important to maintain an optimal wall thickness of about 1 mm.

Map2STL” uses data from Google Maps to create topographic 3D models. These can serve as the basis for detailed relief maps, which are interesting for hikers, real estate agents, or urban planners.

For creating character figures without in-depth 3D modeling knowledge, “Hero Forge” is suitable. Originally designed for tabletop games, this tool can also be used for designing phone holders or similar products.

In the future, AI may also play a larger role in this field. More and more services are specializing in 3D model creation. Currently, AI tools cannot yet compete with designers, but they are continually evolving.

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