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3D Systems and Theradaptive launch 3D Printing Partnership for Medical Sector

3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems and Theradaptive, a biopharmaceutical company, announced that they have entered into a commercial agreement that makes 3D Systems Theradaptive’s exclusive 3D printing partner.

The two companies plan to work together to promote bone and tissue growth using a novel method: Theradaptive’s unique protein-based material binding variants will be used to coat 3D Systems’ medical devices. The goal is to provide patients with better healing opportunities and thus optimized outcomes.

Theradaptive’s technology was developed by its founder, Dr. Luis M. Alvarez. Alvarez came up with the idea after seeing injuries that led to delayed amputations in members of the armed forces. His further research at MIT aimed to overcome existing limitations in the field of regenerative medicine. The first applications of this technology have already received three “Breakthrough Medical Device” designations from the FDA.

3D Systems, the original innovator of 3D printing and a pioneer in personalized healthcare solutions, has worked closely with surgeons over the past decade. This has involved the design of more than 150,000 patient-specific cases and the production of more than two million implants and instruments. Additionally, 3D Systems has made significant advances in the field of regenerative medicine.

“This agreement enables an exciting technological convergence of 3D Systems’ cutting-edge advances in orthopedic and soft tissue additive manufacturing and Theradaptive’s material-binding regenerative therapeutics,” said Luis Alvarez, CEO and founder of Theradaptive. “Uniting these two world-class technologies promises to provide safer and more effective treatment options for patients who currently have few options. This partnership sets the stage for many new products that will have the potential to significantly improve patient care.”

“The combination of both companies’ expertise and experience and relentless pursuit of enabling an improved patient experience is a strong foundation for this collaboration,” said Andrew Johnson, EVP, chief corporate development officer, chief legal counsel, 3D Systems. “We believe that enhancing 3D Systems’ unparalleled capabilities in medical device design and production with the benefits of Theradaptive’s protein-engineering platform has the potential to make a significant impact on the field of regenerative medicine, and patients’ lives.”

As a further step, 3D Systems has made an additional $8 million investment in Theradaptive. It remains to be seen how this promising partnership will change the landscape of regenerative medicine.

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