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3DP Europe, Pan-European Conference & Exhibits, Creates a New Forum for 3D Printing

Held in Brussels, October 18th to 19th, this conference creates a refreshing program that includes twin tracks: one for the use of 3D printing and the other for the business of 3D printing….

3DP EUROPE will successfully bring together some of Europe’s top voices in 3D printing to discuss technology, applications and business. The conference has twin tracks (one: for companies and users) and (two: for businesses in the 3D printing industry itself).

The closing Keynote will feature Jean-Pierre Kruth, winner of the international 2015 Bower Award for Achievement in Science, whose research has led directly to much innovation and the creation of several global companies in 3D printing.
The pan-European conference will also include an exhibit area to demonstrate to delegates and public some of the latest technology and products in 3D printing.

3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) is any of a variety of processes used to synthesize a 3-dimensional object. In 3D printing, successive layers of material are laid down under computer control to create objects as diverse as clothes, a drone, dental work, a pair of shoes, ironmongery, aircraft parts, and even homes.

3D printing is the next wave of industrial revolution: industries use additive manufacturing systems include aerospace, architecture, automotive, defense, and medical replacements. For example, General Electric uses high-end 3D printers to build parts for turbines while 3D printing also enables rapid prototyping for small businesses to compete with bigger manufacturers.

3dpeurope_conference_3d_druck_3d_printing23D printing is the Next Big Thing for hobbyists and prosumers. Many companies are making efforts to develop affordable 3D printers for home desktop use. Much of this work has been driven by and targeted at DIY/Maker/enthusiast/early adopter communities, with additional ties to the academic and hacker communities.

The conference: track one
Track One is designed for users (companies, organizations and prosumers) who want to learn more about 3D printing and understand what 3D printing options are available.

3dpeurope_conference_3d_druck_3d_printing3This track is opened by additive manufacturing expert, Benjamin Denayer, Senior Business Developer at SIRRIS, who will talk about why almost every manufacturer needs an additive manufacturing strategy—and how to implement this strategy.
Industry veteran, Diogo Quental of GetReady43D will explain the basics of technology and how to use 3D printing.
The track also explores 3D printing in business, architecture, education, art, crafts & jewelry, and even culinary arts. Some highlights include a presentation by INITION, a top London agency that uses 3D printing and Augmented Reality to create immersive experiences for brands…. by MUSEOFABBER, a company on a mission to help Europe use 3D printing to bring important museum collections to life… and by FREDRIK DE WILDE, artist-extraordinaire, who will share his experiences at the intersection of art & science with NASA.

We are especially looking forward to hearing from Ed Grieg, Chief Disruptor at DELOITTE DIGITAL, who will examine “digital disruption” from the Iron Throne (a motif from HBO’s famous Games of Thrones) to explore the positive disruption that 3D printing can bring to enterprise.

Check out the rest of the exciting full track here.

The conference: track two
This track serves the manufacturers, distributors and resellers of 3D printing (and those who wish to join the business of 3D printing). This track is the first 3D printing conference to focus on the business of 3D printing, rather than technology or applications.

Worldwide 3D printer shipments rose 52% year on year in the first half of 2015, reflecting ongoing demand among both consumers and businesses and we open Track Two with a definitive presentation of the European market for 3D printing by CANALYS.

We are joined by INGRAM MICRO EUROPE, the world’s largest high technology distribution ($46.5 billion annually). Their new 3D printing business unit discusses How to Get Into the 3D Printing Business—and also joins our panel on the current state of distribution (commercial and consumer).
Germany’s 3D printing retail chain, iGo3D will explore the challenges of growing a retail operation. FABNAMI, an ecommerce specialist, discusses the problems facing every 3D print bureau. And BQ answers the question: is there really a mass market for 3D printing?

LETSROCKIT, the world’s first specialized 3D technology marketing agency, joins 3DP EUROPE to explain where 3D technology meets marketing.
We are especially looking forward to hearing from 3DPlex, a company building an Internet of Things platform that supports apps for 3D printing.

Check out the rest of the exciting full track here.

The conference: common tracks
Delegates can, of course, attend either track (or mix and match tracks to meet their needs.) Both tracks come together at several points for several very special presentations.
3DP EUROPE is pleased to announce the unveiling of the winners of the 2015 Additive Design Challenge. You’ll meet the four winners and hear about their innovative projects from our stage.
At 3DP EUROPE, you’ll be one of the first to hear more about the 3MF CONSORTIUM. Launched in 2015, the 3MF Consortium, a Joint Development Project, is an industry consortium working to define a 3D printing format that will allow design applications to send full-fidelity 3D models to a mix of other applications, platforms, services and printers

Microsoft contributed its existing specification under development known as 3MF (for 3D Manufacturing Format). The 3MF Consortium now manages the further development and distribution of the 3MF specification.
And we welcome the internationally-recognized Prof. Jean-Pierre Kruth from KU Leuven as our Closing Keynote.

The exhibits
3dpeurope_conference_3d_druck_3d_printing5To illustrate much of the technology discussed during the Conference, we have arranged a number of exhibits adjacent to the conference.

These exhibits are open to the public as well as delegates.
There you will see many models of 3D printing as well as stakeholders in the growth of the 3D printing business.
In a world-first display, ProCoPrint3D will present its 3D printing of a full size Nano Suit from FPP game CRYSIS: an impressive achievement that took months of printing.

Products from companies like Z Morph, XYZ, Felix, Tripodmaker will be on display in real life, while the incredibly fast Gizmo 3D Printers will join the exhibits via teleconference from Australia.

The event
3DP EUROPE, conference with exhibits, will be held Oct. 18-19th in HOTEL de la POSTE, at Tour & Taxis in the center of Brussels.