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3dpbm publishes study on polymer AM market

3dpbm, a market intelligence and media company supporting the global AM industry landscape, presents the results of a comprehensive study on the polymer additive manufacturing segment. The study, Polymer AM Market Opportunities and Trends 2020–2030, conducted between Q4 2021 and Q3 2022 collected information on sales and business activity from all major companies operating in this segment.

3dpbm’s found that the core polymer AM market (materials, hardware, services) generated $3.7 billion in 2020 and is going to grow to $11 billion by 2025 and to $34 billion by the end of the forecast period, in 2030.

Following the three previous reports on Composites, Metals and Ceramics, this Polymer AM Report is by far the largest and also one of the most in-depth market studies ever conducted on polymer additive manufacturing. Between Q4 2021 and Q3 2022, the 3dpbm Research analyst team (comprising several editors, market analysis specialists, and a project manager) surveyed an unprecedented number of companies—741 unique companies, of which, 24% were hardware manufacturers, 25% materials manufacturers and 51% service providers—and collected first-hand sales data from major stakeholders operating in this segment on thousands of different hardware, materials and parts products.

These companies, which were selected out of over 1,500 potential candidates listed in 3dpbm’s 3D Printing Business Directory, were individually audited for every product (systems, materials, parts) currently on the market, totaling over 50,000 data points and providing an accurate snapshot of the current polymer AM global market.

First-hand data was compared and combined with additional data and information collected by the 3dpbm Research team from all publicly available sources, including day-to-day industry insights coverage via the 3D Printing Media Network portal, an internal asset that no other AM market research company can leverage to this extent. Finally, interviews were conducted with leading AM industry stakeholders and independent consultants to further validate and verify the data, estimates and analyses.

For more information about 3DPBM, please visit 3dpbm.com.

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