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3Dprintler Launches 3D Printing Chat Bots for Messaging Apps

Following the launch of their search engine to find the best provider for your 3D printing needs, 3Dprintler now introduces 3D printing chat bots for messaging apps.

Integrated into messenger services such as Slack, Telegram Skype, Facebook Messenger, Kik or SMS, it allows users to compare prices for professional local 3D printing services and place orders instantly. User can access and communicate with the bot by searching “3Dprintler”. Currently the bot can convert CAD files into 62 available file types, find the best 3D printing prices near you, place an order instantly and track the order.

3dprintler_3d_printing_bot_messaging_appUpcoming bot features include CAD file repair and preparation for 3D printing, file storage in the cloud, B2C and B2B versions, voice command integration as well as IBM’s Watson integration.


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