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3Dprintler Search Engine Allows You to Compare 3D Printing Prices – Update

3Dprintler is a search engine that can get you the best deal for your 3D printing project by comparing hundreds of service providers and materials at once.

January 14, 2016: Additional to prices, the search engine allows you to compare turnaround times, materials and shipping costs. 3Dprintler refers to a database of 3D printing services, including Shapeways, Sculpteo and iMaterialise, and is constantly adding new services.

Three easy steps will get you the best 3D printing deal: Upload your STL file or drag and drop, select the materials and measurement units and, finally, browse results to choose the offer that suits you best.


At the International CES in Las Vegas last week, 3Dprintler has also launched the API, enabling designers to market their 3D printable products by embedding the 3Dprintler button on their website. This button gives consumers the possibility to quickly compare not only prices but also select one of currently 254 different materials.


February 22, 2016: Update – 3Dprintler adds new file extensions and Dropbox integration

Following feedback from users, 3Dprintler now supports new file formats for their price comparison platform, along with several 3D printing service providers, who join them.

3Dprintler supports the following 26 file formats: 3ds, asc, ase, byu, dxf, gmod, hrc, iv, obj, off, pov, smf, stl, stla, stlb, swm, swv, tec, tri, tria, trib, txt, ucd, vla, wrl, xgl

Additionally, they have integrated the Dropbox API for users to directly upload files from their existing Dropbox accounts.


3Dprintler believes the new file formats as well as the Dropbox API will help improve overall functionality, accuracy and experience for users and service providers alike.


March 24, 2016: Update – 3Dprintler secures 7 figure investment

3Dprintler has just announced that it was able to secure a 7 figure contribution from an angel investor in the high tech industry.

After Las Vegas and the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in January and beginning to expand into France in March, we are excited that life has brought us another gift: investment. A victory of hard work and perseverance, 3Dprintler has ensured its further growth in an emerging industry- at least for another 18 months.

Additionally, they are introducing the 3Dprintler button that will allow designers to become distributors. Users will be able to customise 3D designs online and get instant quotes after clicking the 3DPrintler button.

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