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3DTin: 3D Modelling Through WebGL – Update: 3DTin Aquired by Lagoa

Using Clud 3D software 3DTin you are able to create 3D models easily and export them as .STL, .OBJ or .DAE file.

15.02.2013 – The free modelling software runs on any WebGL based browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Firefox) and allows to create models intuitively. Numerous templates which can be modified on request are available. Using handy tools like different shapes you can easily create your own models.

You can then export models or save them in the cloud.

3DTin was programmed by a small group of Indian Developer back in 2010 and has continuously been updated ever since.

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Update: 24.09.2013 – 3D Tin has been acquired by Lagoa

The software 3D has been acquired by the Montreal based start-up Lagoa and will be offered as independent product. The company has been running it’s own 3D cloud platform to render 3D models online since 2012.

The browser-based nature of 3DTin makes it the perfect addition to Lagoa,” so Thiago Costa, CEO von Lagoa.

“We are thrilled to be joining Lagoa, who share our passion for the accessibility and freedom of browser-based 3D tools. With Lagoa’s exceptional rendering product, 3DTin users will be able to do more with their 3D models. They will continue to enjoy all the great features they have grown to like in 3DTin and can expect more enhancements to their workflow, thanks to Lagoa.” 3DTin founder Jayesh Salvi

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