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3DXTech Introduces Firewire PPS Filament with High Thermal & Chemical Resistance

The past months Wyoming-based 3DXTech has been working on their patent-pending formulation for a new filament. Now they are launching Firewire PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) filament, a high-performance polymer with high thermal and chemical resistance.

According to 3DXTech, the new filament is insoluble in any known solvent under 200°C and can be used, for example, to print functional prototype components that will withstand 150°C while being exposed to concentrated sulfuric acid (oil and gas industry) or create a part that withstands 130°C and direct exposure to 50/50 water-glycol (automotive industry).

The new filament has a glass-transition temperature of 85°C and a melt temperature of 285°C, so printing Firewire PPS requires an all-metal hot end reaching at least 350°C. 3DXTech suggests an ideal printing temperature between 325 and 345°C with a bed temperature of 110 to 120°C. They have done their development work using a Makergear M2 3D printer modified with an E3D V6 all metal hot end.

Currently samples of the material are being tested in the industry. Firewire PPS will be commercially available from September/October 2015.

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