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6K Additive wins the AMGTA Environmental Sustainability Research Award

6K Additive, a division of 6K, specialist in the production of sustainable advanced materials for additive manufacturing and energy storage, was announced the winner of the AMGTA Environmental Sustainability Research Award at the annual AMGTA members event. The award recognizes members who have published directly commissioned research focused on environmental sustainability in additive manufacturing. At this event, AMGTA presented awards in three key areas: sustainability research, reporting, and management, all of which are the focus of the AMGTA organization.


Frank Roberts, 6K Additive president, said: “Sustainability is at the core of who we are as an organization at 6K Additive. The results of the recent independent life cycle assessment revealed our UniMelt process for nickel production reduces carbon by 92% while using 91% less energy to do so. In publishing results such as this we are showing the additive manufacturing industry, in a very transparent way, that there is a more environmentally friendly way to manufacture AM powder while enabling our customers to lower their carbon footprint.”

AMGTA is a non-commercial, unaffiliated organization formed to promote the environmental benefits of additive manufacturing. The AMGTA seeks to educate the public and industry about these positive environmental benefits, promote the adoption of AM as an alternative to traditional manufacturing, develop best practices for additive manufacturing, and help the organization’s members grow their businesses and acquire new customers.

6K Additive’s mission is to provide a solution for global decarbonization in the production of performance additive manufacturing powders, critical to production in markets such as aerospace, medical and industrial applications. 6K Additive is the world’s first producer of AM powder made from sustainable sources and offers a full suite of premium powder including nickel, titanium, copper and refractory metals such as tungsten and rhenium. The proprietary UniMelt system is the world’s only microwave production-scale plasma system, with a highly uniform and precise plasma zone with zero contamination and high throughput production capabilities.

To learn more, visit 6K Additive’s website, 6KAdditive.com

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