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KEYENCE Will Introduce New Silicone Material For AGILISTA 3D Printers

The German subsidiary of Keyence, headquartered in Japan, will offer silicone materials for their AGILISTA 3D printers.

The Keyence AGILISTA 3D printer lineup uses a combination of keyence-agilistaresign based materials which are placed on the print bed in very small drops and cured via UV-Light. Between these steps the material is flattened by a roller. The AGILISTA 3D printers offer a print volume of 297x210x200mm (DIN A4 x 200mm) and can print detail up to 15µm.

Keyence offers a transparent material and a heat resistant material plus the needed water solvable support material. The standard material offers good stiffness and durability.

Samples printed with the standard material:

Now Keyence announced that they will introduce a soft flexible material to their lineup. The new material is based on silicone and can be used to print flexible parts like sealings, O-ring seals or just simple flexible parts.

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