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A Car That Will Drive Faster Than 1.000mph This Year Partly Thanks To 3D Printing

Can you imagine driving a car 469 meters in just a second? – That is faster than a bullet!

The Bloodhound SSC project aims to build a car that can drive as fast as 1.000 mph or 1.690 km/h. To archive this, knowledge from many people and manufacturers comes together to take Andy Green, the will-be driver of the Bloodhound, to top speed.

car1To get the 7.8 tons of weight to 1.000mph the car needs two engines. A rocket engine and na engine from the Eurofighter Typhoon. These engines will combined produce around 135.000 horse power.

Some crucial parts are produced with 3D printers like the steering-wheel, as well as many other parts like carbon fibre enforced cable management covers. The steering-wheel was designed just for Andy Green. This personalisation is a perfect area for 3D printing.

Dan Johns explains how the design process:

“3D printing effectively enables you to ‘grow’ things you draw in 3D CAD into a real-life part – so you can create pretty much any shape you want.

Dan Johns
Dan Johns

For the steering wheel, we wanted to create something Andy is familiar with – and because he is a fighter pilot, we started with the joystick grips that are found in military jets.
To create the perfect fit for Andy’s hands, we then did a bit of reverse engineering. We took a mould of his grip in modelling clay, digitised it by scanning it into the computer and used that for the wheel grips.
We measured his ideal hand separation and designed the rest of the wheel around that, then used 3D printing to create a cheap plastic prototype to test it out.
Andy tried it, and it was pretty much spot on.”

The record of the Bloodhound will take place this year. So be prepared for more news!

If you want to know more about Andy Green and the technology in the Bloodhound SSC you should check out Chris Harris on Cars:

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