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A3D Manufacturing receives AS9100 certification from the International Aerospace Quality Group

The provider of Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) A3D Manufacturing has received AS9100 certification from the IAQC (International Aerospace Quality Group). This gives its customers the qualified assurance that the components it produces meet the most stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.

Manufacturers in the aerospace and defense sectors face the challenge of ensuring that every component in the final product – from the largest engine to the smallest rivet – is designed and manufactured with the highest precision and to the highest quality standards. Companies like A3D Manufacturing that produce aerospace components using state-of-the-art processes such as multi-jet fusion, fused deposition modeling and fused filament fabrication, as well as traditional manufacturing processes, have a special responsibility to meet these standards.

The AS9100 standard is a set of rules for implementing a quality management system for the aerospace and defense industry. To become AS9100 certified, a manufacturer must undergo a comprehensive audit in which its processes, procedures and results are checked for quality and precision.

“A3D Manufacturing is a trusted source of components and parts for many customers in the aerospace sector,” said Jon Toews, Senior Vice President of A3D Manufacturing. “The sector is unique in that components are designed to withstand extreme conditions such as atmospheric pressures, rapidly shifting temperatures, and high speeds that could otherwise affect performance, durability, and safety. Our customers rely on us to deliver the highest-quality components every time, and the AS9100 certification assures them that we are up to the task.”

The AS9100 certification is an important milestone for A3D Manufacturing and underlines the company’s commitment to the highest quality standards in manufacturing. By complying with these standards, A3D can offer its aerospace customers the assurance that their products will meet the most demanding requirements. This not only strengthens customer confidence in A3D’s capabilities, but also positions the company as a reliable partner in a highly specialized and demanding market.

With the AS9100 certification, A3D Manufacturing is well equipped to meet the growing demands of the aerospace industry and continue to provide innovative and high quality manufacturing solutions.

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