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Adam Beane Industries Unveils Sculptable 3D Printer Filament – Update: Available on Kickstarter

Adam Beane Industries, a company specialised in sculpting materials, has developed a 3D printer filament yet to be released.

January 31, 2016: Based on their Cx5 and Cx5s sculpting materials, the filament allows for post-processing through sculpting methods, smoothing and engraving the 3D printed surface of the object.  The non-toxic, temperature sensitive material then gradually hardens.

“Cx5 and Cx5s are premium sculpting materials designed to be used in place of sculpting clays, finish waxes, and prototyping plastics. They handle like clay when warm, finish like wax, and can be as hard as plastic when cool. Cx5s is the softer version, and by mixing the two you can create a hardness level that’s appropriate for your sculpting style.”

Check out the video below to get an idea how spectacular the material actually is for finishing your 3D printed object:


August 10, 2016: Update – Cx5 Filament Now Available on Kickstarter

The sculptable Cx5 3D printing material is now available on Kickstarter. It will allow you to easily smooth away visible printing layers and to sculpt details onto the 3D print without using any toxic materials or cumbersome sanding processes.


Cx5 filament is available in 1.75 mm diameter, with possible availability of 3 mm as well if the stretch goal is reached. It prints at lower temperatures than PLA and can be used on any 3D printer that allows you to adjust the printing temperature. The material does not require a heated bed or any kind of adhesive for the first layer to adhere to the surface. Due to its lower printing temperature it shows virtually no shrinkage and warping.


The Experimenter Pack containing 250g Cx5sf is available for $ 50. If your interested in trying to sculpt a printed object you can pledge $ 25 to receive a small 3D printed object with a smoothing and detailing tool as well as the Safe-Smooth solvent and sanding sponge.

Check out the campaign video by Adam Beane Industries below:

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