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Addimadour expands equipment with Meltio DED wire laser head

Backed by the Compositadour platform, Addimadour was launched in 2017 by and for companies in order to support them in the development of their metal additive metal manufacturing projects. Since its construction, the platform has had a single preoccupation, to remain at the forefront of innovation in order to be able to respond to a maximum number of requests.

Already equipped with a large number of machines, Addimadour is now equipped with a new DED-Wire Laser head (Direct Energy Deposition). Indeed, in order to widen the range of proposals for customers, the MELTIO head will be added to the platform’s list of equipment. This will enable the additive manufacturing centre to produce small and large parts with greater and large parts with greater working precision. Moreover, the acquisition of this equipment allows Addimadour to be avant-garde in its eld in the territory by being the first French structure to install it on a 6-axis robot arm.

In the future, the partnership between Addimadour, Multistation and Meltio will allow the development of training on the use of this equipment and the platform will be a place of choice for training on several processes.

For more information about Compositadour, please visit compositadour.com.

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