Home Software AdditiveLab BVBA announces availability of AdditiveLab RESEARCH 4.0 process simulation software

AdditiveLab BVBA announces availability of AdditiveLab RESEARCH 4.0 process simulation software

This summer, AdditiveLab BVBA announced immediate availability of AdditiveLab RESEARCH 4.0, the latest version of their physics-based Additive Manufacturing  process simulation software.



“We believe that this new release is a game-changer since physics-based simulations can be performed on all scales. Users can predict distortions of entire build-platforms as well as complex melt-pool formations on the micro-scale. All within one software, there are no bogus fees for additional software modules,” said Dr. Christian Rossmann, CEO at AdditiveLab BVBA.

Positive Customer Impact

Early adopters of the new release have already benefited from AdditiveLab RESEARCH. Divergent Technologies Inc., an innovative AM production system provider in Torrance, CA, recently upgraded to the new version enabling them to fine-tune process parameters for their systems.

“The new release of AdditiveLab RESEARCH allowed us to virtually explore the efficiency of our AM process parameter sets,” said Gordon Tajiri PhD, Technical Fellow, AM Technologies. “With the help of AdditiveLab RESEARCH we identified valuable process parameter sets beyond our anticipation for improved productivity and crack mitigation”.

Product Availability

AdditiveLab RESEARCH is immediately available for current users to upgrade to the latest release.

For engineers, scientists and AM enthusiasts interested in testing the new release, please reach out via info@additive-lab.com.

For more information, please visit www.additive-lab.com.

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