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Admatec Launches ADMAFLEX 130 3D Printer for High Performance Ceramic Components

Netherland-based company Admatec announces their latest 3D printer, the ADMAFLEX 130, that will be available from September 2016. The patented ADMAFLEX technology refers to a series of technology innovations in the field of industrial grade ceramic printing.

According to the developers, ADMAFLEX is a stable ceramic 3D printing system with easy to clean materials. The Machines as well as materials have been tested for over 5,000 printing hours in a job shop that is run by Admatec since 2013. This allowed for continuous innovations such as the materials reconditioning system, that allows printer owners to re-use the material.


At its launch, the ADMAFLEX technology will support zirconiumoxide, aluminiumoxide and fused silica, with silicon nitride and silicon carbide to follow in the near future. Other materials the company is working on is hydroxyapatite, a material that could be used for bone implants.

Michiel de Bruijcker, managing director of Admatec Europe BV, comments on the launch of the ADMAFLEX 130: “This system will be able to play an essential role of developing 3D printing ceramics in many markets. We are eager to team up with customers in a wide diversity of markets. Developing future solutions by proving solid business cases in their target markets.”

keramisch 3D-printen door technostarter Admatec
keramisch 3D-printen door technostarter Admatec

The ADMAFLEX 130 is on sale from May 2016 onwards, with a limited series of printers available for € 75,000.

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