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Aether Launches 3D Bioprinter Combining 12 Machines in 1 Desktop Device

San Francisco-based technology startup Aether has just announced their Aether 1 Bioprinter that combines 12 machines in 1 desktop device.

Aether 1 combines 10 extruders on a single printhead including an 8 syringe-equipped bioprinter, a dual-Bowden extruder FFF printer, a laser assisted bioprinter, laser engraver, CNC milling machine, UV-curing 3D printer, a food printer, a 3D electronics printer, a 4,000 Hz droplet-jetting printer and universal tool mounts.

While all these technologies combined into one single device may sound difficult to handle, Aether 1 comes with features such as an automatic air pressure calibration system, automatic stage levelling, dual automatic nozzle cleaning and unclogging stations. The anodised aluminium and glass sealed exterior and the sterility filtration system create a sterile printing environment for food and biomaterials.

In order to receive high-resolution prints, the machine can be equipped with motors capable of reaching 0.4 nanometer on the Z axis and a 50 micron layer hight. The WIFI-enabled printer also comes with an mobile app to monitor prints remotely. Moreover, users can print with their own materials.


“Aether 1 is the most versatile tool ever created,” said Ryan Franks, CEO of Aether. There’s never been anything like this before. Aether 1 is over 10 years ahead of what other companies are developing, but we’re selling it at an extremely low price to get it into the hands of as many innovators as possible. We think what the early innovators are going to make with Aether 1 is going to be absolutely incredible. Imagine a single machine that can make beautiful art in entirely new ways, turn photos into paintings and sculptures, even turn food into a work of art, that can also be used to save lives, conduct critical research, and pursue the integration of biology and electronics. People will use this to do big things.”

While the exact price for Aether 1 hasn’t been released yet, the company suggests it will be below $ 9,000. Several beta units will be donated to schools, researchers, universities, chefs and artists in May 2016, with the commercial release planned for the early second half of this year.