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Affordable CUR3D Maker Edition on Steam Greenlight

Bochum, Germany. RUHRSOURCE finally released their affordable CUR3D Maker Edition into the Greenlight process on Steam. Now they need the help of the international maker community.

On 23.05.2017 RUHRSOURCE published the CUR3D Maker Edition (short: CUR3D ME) on STEAM into the Greenlight process. And now they need help from the international maker community: If you want the CUR3D Maker Edition to see the light of the world, log in to your STEAM or create a new STEAM account and give #CUR3DME a green light. Every vote counts!

Import an unprintable model to make it 3d printable.What are the CUR3D ME features?

Quite simply: everything the maker’s heart desires.

  • 3D printing data preparation by measure in different quality levels for all printing processes
  • Quickly process the data in seconds
  • Easy to use and almost no learning process
  • Import and export in STL format

Set the size and resolution of the final printable result.Where will CUR3D ME on STEAM be priced?

The normal price will be 149,- €.

Is it a subscription model or do I have to pay for CUR3D ME only once?

It is a one time payment. For the CUR3D ME there will be no subscription!

Lay back and wait some seconds.When will the CUR3D ME be released on STEAM?

Provided that we receive the green light for the publication as described above: Summer 2017.

Can I use the CUR3D ME commercially?


Can I open project files from the professional version in CUR3D ME?


Now your 3d model is printable.Why will the CUR3D ME be published on STEAM?

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Performance: By using the STEAM servers for distribution, we can offer everyone a better user experience.
  2. Extensive community functions: STEAM is particularly known for its enormous potential in forming and managing communities. Through the shortest route, we can communicate with the makers, collect improvement suggestions or bug reports, and distribute updates and extensions. In addition, for the same reasons, the maker community can also benefit from each other.
  3. Fast, international dissemination: Thanks to STEAM we reach an international audience with little effort.

A generative Structure Synth design made 3d printable by CUR3D Maker Edition.

How can I help CUR3D ME to be released to the STEAM store faster?

Talk to friends and other makers about the CUR3D ME on STEAM or share the direct link to the Greenlight site on social networks and forums [http://www.cur3dme.com].



In November 2016 the german startup company RUHRSOURCE GmbH released the professional version of the first real 3d printing prepress software CUR3D. Their software really makes everything 3d printable in seconds with just a few clicks. And that without the usage of any cloud services.

CUR3D version current release candidate of CUR3D version was released last week and comes up with new features, like STEP and IGES file support, a new cool looking, very easy to use user interface and many more improvements and optimizations.

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