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AIM3D launches new voxelfill process for 3D pellet printing

Following a restructuring phase, AIM3D, the pioneer of granulate 3D printers, is back with a new concept. The focus is on optimizing the patented Voxelfill process for overcoming inhomogeneous strengths in 3D-printed components.

According to CTO Clemens Lieberwirth, Voxelfill achieves a high level of process stability comparable to injection molding thanks to material-friendly extrusion and cross-layer material filling. Tensile tests with ULTEM 9085 confirm the homogeneous properties.

As part of the relaunch, AIM3D is cooperating with Create it Real on software optimization and Replique for ULTEM applications. “3D pellet printing will open up new areas of application for ULTEM in the future,” explains Replique CEO Max Siebert.

The advantages of Voxelfill go beyond cost reduction: hybrid multi-material solutions, selective densities and targeted fiber reinforcement are made possible. “With Voxelfill, we can fill areas of a component only where the force flow requires it – with full reworkability,” says Lieberwirth.

CEO Vincent Morrison sees enormous potential: “3D pellet printers can reproduce the properties of conventionally manufactured parts very cost-effectively. Voxelfill creates completely new possibilities.”

Following consolidation of the shareholder structure and a management buy-out, the relaunch is aimed at expanding partnerships and the material portfolio for 2024. ExAM build rates are to be increased to 300-600 cm³/h.

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